PicRick Photography's mission is to "deliver dreams." While that may seem unrealistic, we are committed to doing just that...if you can describe what you are hoping to see - we'll do everything in our power to create the image that you are dreaming of. 

In our commercial work, we often use VERY unconventional approaches to achieve results that are not only award-winning but also allow our clients to reach customers that they had never imagined. 

Our portrait work ranges from "realistic" to "this is what, I've always imagined I could look like." The choice is yours...our challenge is to deliver a final product that brings a smile to your face.

Want to know more? Give us a call at 949 463-6230...let's sit down over a cup of coffee and explore what is possible (and at a budget price that makes sense) - we'll even buy the coffee!

Rick is the current President of the (PPOC) Professional Photographers of Orange County.
A member of the (PPC) Professional Photographers of California; and a member of the (PPA) Professional Photographers of America. 

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